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Work with Quirky Globetrotter

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Quirky Globetrotter is an award-winning, international travel blog that uncovers hidden destination gems and avoids tourist traps. I aim to give travelers a more authentic and local experience of the destinations they venture to, and avoid the hullabaloo that tourist traps offer. Furthermore, I also write about feminism in travel and how that affects my experience as a solo, female traveler. My articles spark discussions about travel inequality and how we can better improve our planet in even the most remote, untouched parts. 

What makes my blog special is that it’s a representation of me. It’s hip and well, quirky, for lack of a better word. It has a comical and playful tone that other travel blogs don’t have. I come off as personable and as a gal who would love to help you plan your next adventure. 

I’m a storyteller. Whether that’s through prose or photos, my captivating tales transport readers around the globe. As an award-winning writer, photographer, and journalist, I’m driven to tell stories in a captivating way. You can read more about my and Quirky Globetrotter’s accolades below. 

Topics Quirky Globetrotter covers 

Overall, Quirky Globetrotter is a hidden gem and feminist travel blog. Within these sectors, I have a thread of posts that I write on a continual basis. 

Trip Prep

When it comes to trip planning, I emphasize that research and exploration are the two best options. Quirky Globetrotter is a resource for travelers who are currently planning their bucket list trip. Through Budget Breakdown guides I educate my readers on the nitty-gritty of where their dollars, peso, yen, dinero, or whatever currency the country uses, will be spent. 

I also write extensive, detailed reviews and itineraries of past trips I have taken. Although many of my reviews are sponsored, I always write an honest review of my experience. If you’d like me to write a sponsored post about your business and/or property, reach out via the submission form below. 


As I mentioned, I’m a storyteller. I love painting a narrative for my audience and traipsing around the world with them. In my journal series, I write daily entries while travel which reveals my first impressions. These also act as a photo diary, which is enticing with my more visual readers. Whether it’s love, loss, feeling lost, I document it all.

This is also where I write about feminism in travel. These are articles pertaining to female solo travel, politics pertaining to travel, and unique issues in the travel industry such as destination shaming and female solo traveler shaming

Interested in working with Quirky Globetrotter?

I believe in partnering and collaborating with organizations and individuals who support travel as a means of learning about diverse cultures and traditions. Quirky Globetrotter is open to sponsorships, partnerships, advertising, press and social media trips, product reviews, affiliate programs, and contests/giveaways. If you have any other creative ideas, reach out and let’s collab!

Ambition and drive go hand in hand, which means I’m constantly adding new series and updates to my blog. The newest addition will be introducing more forms of visual storytelling. I’ll produce vlogs and videos showcasing the hidden wonders of countries around the world. I have produce short snippets of these which you can peruse on my Instagram

Quirky Globetrotter’s Audience 

A general overview of my audience would tell you that the majority of my readers are women between the ages of 25 to 35. Though readers from over 120 countries are tuned in. For more statistics about the site check out Quirky Globetrotter Media Kit


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Do you have a unique travel/adventure opportunity you’d like to share with my readers? Reach out to me via email or social media! Quirky Globetrotter aims to help travelers relax like locals and avoid cliche itineraries found in old-fashioned travel guides or books.

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