Looking for comfort after heartbreak? Travel is the faithful companion

Xunantunich Mayan ruins overlooking Belize and Guatemala border

Today was supposed to be the day that changed my life. I was supposed to be a bride today, donning my beautiful, ivory gown. My mom and sister would’ve been adjusting my earrings and veil, perfecting all the final touches before I walked down the aisles towards the love of my life. Today should’ve been a day filled with lots of love and toasts to a happily ever after. 

That is no longer my reality

When love fades or falls apart, it can crush your soul, leave you hollow and lifeless. If you let it.

My former wedding day was spent surrounded by my loved ones. The morning was spent in my pajamas laughing with my best friends, eating pepperoni and pineapple pizza and talking about the newest adventures in my life. We laughed so hard my belly ached for hours. We joked about finding love and me jetting across the world in search of more adrenaline-filled adventures. 

I was carefree and living in the moment that was chalked up to be the happiest, then the saddest day of life. It wasn’t either.

Since I, as others put it, “missed my happily ever after,” people anticipated that I would be mopey and cry at every mention of love or happiness. They expected that because my relationship failed, I would be broken and defeated. They’re wrong.

Regardless of the outcome of my love life, I’m not letting failure dictate my life. I’m not going to let all the what ifs and unanswered questions taint June 15 for me. Just because I didn’t get married today, doesn’t make this the saddest day of my life.

Travel is the ultimate bae 

What brings me comfort is the chance that I get to explore the world and do some serious soul-searching. I get to explore and find out what new hobbies I want to pursue, what new stories I want to tell. What’s even more exhilarating is that I took a chance of a lifetime to live out my dreams and I’m doing it — even while I’m busy mending myself.

In the past few years, adulting has knocked me on my ass more than once or twice. I spent the better part of my early 20s trying to figure out how to juggle a full-time job while still pursuing my passions. In the end, I jumped ship and started my own career and business. I even had my heart broken numerous times but discovered my worth along the way. With every hardship came a valuable life lesson that I needed to learn.

The only thing that has been constant throughout my life is that I’m always trying to improve myself. I inspire to leave a positive imprint on this world. Even though I’m only halfway through my 20s, I’ve learned that I’m a fighter. I have so much joy and love to give that I won’t let heartache or negativity prevent me from shining. I deserve to reach my full potential in life. I’ve also learned that there will be a few setbacks along the way.

Focusing on self-love 

For those of you who are still worried about me. I’m doing OK. I’m blessed to be here in this moment and to still find enough strength and courage to find joy in the little things. I spring out of bed in the morning to do yoga. Jamming to 80s music while cooking still makes me want to bust a move. I still cry buckets of happy tears during every rom-com.

I’m continuing to find happiness in things that I once loved. I’m also finding happiness in activities I’ve never tried. I’m taking more risks and broadening my horizons.

Happiness is all around me and I’m finally accepting it. What’s even more liberating and exciting is knowing that there is better out there for me. 

What the future holds 

I’m no longer a bride or a wife-to-be, yet I’m not filled with sorrow. I’m overwhelmed with all these new opportunities to find joy. There’s a better future awaiting me. In July, I’m heading to Europe on a sponsored trip, and I’m buzzing with excitement. For the remainder of the year, I’m going to chase every whim and fantasy that I have and truly live like a vagabond. 

All in all, travel will always be a constant comfort for me. It spurs me to move on after heartache and be brave enough to continue living fearlessly. It’s what ignites my soul and fuels my passion. Travel pushes me further outside of my comfort zone. I’m forced to embrace the unknown and truly immerse myself in unpredictability.

This is why in the toughest moments of my life, I’ll turn to travel. My everyday life is already filled with enough unpredictability, why not capitalize on that discomfort and find some joy instead? Going to a country where I cannot utter a single syllabus of the language is no longer crazy. Flying overseas solo is no longer a nightmare. Dining or touring a museum alone is no longer lonely.

Facing my fears head on 

In fact, all these fears that I conquer make me feel alive. It’s in those moments, after the adrenaline rush, when your heart thuds back to its normal rate, that I find peace. This is what life is about. It’s about facing what scares you shitless in the face and learn to laugh and grow in every situation.

Maybe that fear is love, or possibly not being good enough for the people around you. It could be a fear of water skiing or holding a tropical bird. Regardless, I will no longer let fear dictate my life.

Now, my greatest fear is not taking enough chances and living. I aim to be reckless and live a life that’s abundant in adventures, not regrets. I’m indulging in unfamiliarity and pushing the limits for personal growth. From here on out, it’s full-throttle adventure mode at Quirky Globetrotter.

Choosing to be happy, though to may seem reckless to some, is the most inspirational act you can do. And, that, my friends, is bravery.

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21 thoughts on “Looking for comfort after heartbreak? Travel is the faithful companion

  1. Good for you! Heartbreak can be tough, but it’s inspiring to see that you’re choosing to focus on self love and exploring your passions. You’re going to have amazing adventures 🙂

    1. Hi Unicorn! Heartbreak is never fun, but traveling definitely softens the blow and makes it easier. I have a feeling that there’s a lot more adventures around the corner. Thanks for reading and safe travels to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this piece, Martha. I really appreciate when bloggers are willing to be vulnerable to their audience. I love the way you showed that heartache can be more than just difficult (which it is) but also rejuvenating. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Savannah! Thank you so much for reading and your kind words! They definitely put a smile on my face. Rejuvenated is definitely how I feel now and hope to continue to feel in the months and years to come. Safe travels to you!

  3. My heart breaks for you! But this is truly inspirational and will be printed out for when I need a reminder to chase my dreams and my passions, no matter where in the world they take me. Much love & well wishes on your future journies!

    1. Hi Jenn! Thank you for your sweet thoughts and words! Life isn’t always easy, but I’m thankful that I’ve been able to rely on travel to help ease the blow. Many wishes of safe and adventure-filled travels to you!

  4. Ugh…adulting is such a bummer! I am so glad to learn that you are coming out on the other side of a terrible situation even stronger than before. Mucho hugs to you!

  5. Travel can definitely help in mending brokenness. I know I turn to travel whenever I’m feeling out of sorts. Glad you were able to find some healing in your adventure.

  6. I feel this way too. For me, alot of my grief comes from trying to make a living in a hugely stressful and personal industry- just leaves me feeling torn down often. I love escaping to explore and use skillsets that I have alot more confidence in.

    1. Many people claim that travel is a coping mechanism for our daily lives and I wouldn’t disagree! Truly allows us to separate the everyday mundane things in our lives and just give us a break. That I think is so spectacular and special. And good for you for finding an avenue to strut your confidence! That is so, so important! Thanks for reading!

  7. Ohh I loved it 🙂 I have gone through something similar and rediscovered my love for travel & started blog after I overcame the depression of a broken marriage. But I feel you, travel is my bae now, travel was a no more than vacation for me before, but now it’s my constant companion, even when I am not travelling, I’m dreaming of, and this has made me a better version of myself. I completely loved your personal take & courage to put this on a public platform. Kudos and wish you much more happiness in future 💞

    1. Hi Shivani! Thank you so much for all the love and encouragement! I have this policy that I bare it all and do not settle for an inauthentic representation of myself. I’m so glad that you were able to relate that travel is the ultimate bae! Wishing you many, many more relaxing and adventure-filled adventures! Happy travels!

  8. This post is so close to my heart. Travel has taught me so much and really helps to put your life into perspective. Well done you for taking the leap and pushing on. Much love

    1. Hi Nicky! Thanks for the love and support! It’s so reassuring to know that there are travel sisters is all corners of the world. I’m also a firm believer that travel is always going to push you throughout your life. Just what a good partner should do. I often find that the more I travel, the more characteristics I tack onto my potential partner list, ha!

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