Review: The ideal cabana getaway from solo travelers is Belize’s Daydreamin’ adult-only bed & breakfast

This article is sponsored by the owners of the Daydreamin’ Bed & Breakfast. This article also contains affiliate links.

When it comes to adult-only accommodations, there’s a stigma that it’s catered only towards couples. After all, adult-only resorts do offer a romantic getaway for couples looking for a break from their families or to celebrate their love. Yet, I found this far from the truth. In my recent stay at Daydreamin’ Bed & Breakfast in San Pedro, Belize, I also found excitement as a solo traveler at the adult-only bed and breakfast.

Daydreamin’ was the rejuvenation and place of solitude I desperately needed. After days of trekking in the jungle and chasing after adventure, I was ecstatic to embrace and learn from San Pedro’s island vibes. Daydreamin’ Cabana certainly did not disappoint.  

First impression

Though Daydreamin’ is advertised as a bed and breakfast, it’s so much more than that. Run by Rob and Mar, the bed and breakfast is nothing close to quaint and cozy — it’s luxurious and will definitely make you feel like royalty.

From the moment you check in, guests are offered a complimentary drink. Without question, I indulged on the resorts Pinot Grigio, which even pleased my inner wine snob. Within 60 seconds of check-in, I was left to bask in the rejuvenating solitude and enjoy the homemade dark chocolate scruples left on my bed.

The bed & breakfast is organized as though it’s a village of cabanas, four in total. Each cabana is private and overlooks a circular pool shared by all the vacationers. Outfitted with their own personal deck where breakfast is served daily, vacationers do not have to leave to enjoy a slice of paradise.

Luxury is their first name and priority

When you walk through the gates of Daydreamin’, you’re greeted by the glorious smell of coffee beans wafting through the air. Mar also runs a coffee shop that is adjacent to the private cabanas. Guests at the cabanas can run a bill at the coffee shop and order coffee, smoothies, alcoholic drinks and other favors throughout the day — talk about convenient.

The rest of the cabana village is connected with a lush, cherry-stained deck. In the center is the circular-shaped, stone pool with a fountain erected in the center. The pool offers a place for visitors to meet and connect. The submerged bar stools is a great place to lounge and converse as well as bask in the sun’s rays. Better yet, the entire bed and breakfast is outfitted for adults so no worries about children splashing loudly in the pool.

Inside the rooms, guests are pampered immensely. Be ready for the most relaxing days you’ve spent in Belize — I know it was for me. The hushed shades of blue and neutrals, establish a calm and peaceful environment. In my one bedroom cabana, I was treated to a plush bathrobe and indulgent bath soaps and washes. I felt nothing short of a queen during my stay. The linens and textiles used to decorate the room gave it a cozy yet high-end luxurious vibe. I had no problem relaxing in my queen sized bed with sheets with more than adequate thread count.

Each cabana has glass french doors that overlook the shared soaking pool and coffee shop. Framed with privacy curtains, the doors offer visitors a look outside, but the privacy that they seek for much-needed relaxation.

Morning routine

Before bedtime, guests are asked to turn in their breakfast selections for staff. Each morning the menu offers a unique style of breakfast that visitors can choose from. Guests also choose the time their breakfast will be served on their private deck overlooking the cabanas’ common area.

I enjoyed a savory, filling frittata with coffee and a bagel on the side. The food was spectacular and enjoying it with the birds chirping overhead and the sea lapping on the shore nearby, it was a perfect start to my morning.

Getting there

When I first arrived at the water taxi terminal, I was told that I could walk to Daydreamin’. Not true! Mar messaged me right away and said that renting a bike or golf cart would be necessary. Though some would assume that being away from San Pedro’s main drag is a con for this accommodation, I would actually list it as a plus. I love that Daydreamin’ was secluded and away from the hustle and bustle. Downtown San Pedro can get a little rowdy into the wee hours of the morning, so I was thankful I was able to catch some zzz’s away from the excitement.

The drive from the resort is also so worth it. Not only is it a blast to zoom around on the golf cart, you get to see a lot of the island. Just a word of caution, you do have to pay a toll when crossing the bridge, which costs $5 BZE each way. To avoid this fee, people recommend tourists to drive as though they are locals, who are not charged the toll fee.

The bed and breakfast is located next to a coffee shop called Marbuck’s Coffee House and across the street from a restaurant called the Truck Stop — it’s hard to miss.

Less than 100 yards from the cabanas is the Caribbean Sea. If you rented or brought your own snorkeling gear, feel free to jump off the dock and snorkel beyond the reeds. If not, enjoy the stellar view and relax on the sandy beach nearby.

Would I rent again?

In a heartbeat! Rob and Mar were great hosts and took the time to talk to their guests. Though the bed and breakfast was upscale, I loved the homey vibe. Every morning, the owners took the time to serve you breakfast or grab a cup of coffee for you. They definitely care about giving their guests the royal treatment.

Rob and Mar’s story about settling in Belize is inspirational, so definitely ask about it during your stay. They have various events also held at the bed and breakfast you should also check out.

Even though I was a solo traveler, I felt like royalty at the adult-only accommodation. I loved that I was not excluded for being alone or that everything was catered towards couples. Next time I travel abroad, I’m interested in trying out more adult-only accommodations since I did receive top-of-the-line service.

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This article is sponsored by the owners of the Daydreamin’ Bed & Breakfast. This article also contains affiliate links.


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46 thoughts on “Review: The ideal cabana getaway from solo travelers is Belize’s Daydreamin’ adult-only bed & breakfast

  1. Wow! I really love your attention to detail and all 5 senses here. I got to the dark chocolate and was like, “sign me up please” — it sounds like a dream!

    1. Hi, Patrice! Thank you for saying that! I have a journalism background so I feel that articles should be a sensory experience, thank you for saying that! And yes, the dark chocolate was especially dreamy with my wine — LOL.

  2. Anywhere that welcomes me with a glass of Pinot Grigio and chocolates on my bed is onto a winner! This looks like a great place to stay. I always think of adult-only places as for a different, older generation but this looks like somewhere I’d love to go.

    1. Hi, Nicola! I hadn’t thought about adult-only resorts being for older generations, that’s an interesting thought. But yes, the Pinot Grigio and dark chocolates definitely added to my stay!

  3. It looks like such a cozy place! I actually prefer adult-only places to stay at because I get a lot of work done even while on vacations. Plus, I wouldn’t mind chocolates on my bed !!

    1. Hi Soujanya! I actually didn’t get a ton of work staying here — too busy lounging in the bed and enjoying the sunshine. But, like you said, I can imagine the serenity would definitely motivate people to work. I just spent my time updating Instagram and snapping 1000s of photos, LOL!

  4. What a lovely name for this b&b, I’m sold! I’ve never booked at an adult-only accommodation but will consider it in the future. 100 yards from the beach sounds like a dream! I hope to visit Belize one day.

    1. Hi, Lisa! This was the first adult-only accommodation I booked as well and it’s totally changed my mindset! I definitely would recommend adult-only if you are looking for relaxation. And definitely, try to visit Belize someday! Like the rest of Latin America, it’s so vibrant and relaxing. How they live day to day is so different from the world and it’s refreshing to experience that!

  5. I would love to spend a week-end there relaxing, even as a solo traveler, like you. sometimes, I feel that it is hard to find such a great place for those who are not part of a couple 🙂 🙂 And, also, I do acknowledge the fact that, no matter how much you love kids, sometimes, you need some peace and quiet, grown up activities and just a break from the family life 😛 cool post!

    1. Hi Iulia! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed a resort-like B&B! Like you said, I think that because it was adult-only is why it felt so luxurious. Definitely booking a trip back there in the future. Happy solo travels to you!

  6. Pinot Grigio as a welcome drink and dark chocolates on the bed? I’m already sold! Jokings apart, this bed & breakfast looks like the perfect place to unwind, certainly an address to remember for any future trips to Belize 😀

    1. Hi Val! Belize was the ideal destination for me to unwind and feel rejuvenated for the new year. I love that I was treated like royalty and that I simply could enjoy my time there. Definitely, stay tuned for more tips on Belize travel!

  7. I’ve never thought about staying at an “adult” Bnb but your post sold me. I am also a solo traveler and I would really enjoy staying here. The breakfast looks amazing! And I like the complimentary drink at check in.

    1. Hi, Stella! I was like you and never considered it and especially as a female solo traveler, I didn’t think it was necessary. But if you wanted to be treated like royalty this is the place to stay! The owners are so lovely (and the rest of the staff, too!)! Safe travels to you!

  8. I love adult only places. While kids are great, it’s nice to have a place to relax sometimes without them around. And yummy for wine and chocolate as the perfect greeting. How can it go wrong with a start like that? The decor is quite beautiful and the hosts sound quite amazing and what makes the stay so special.

    1. Hi, Heidi! I agree with everything you said, it’s really the little, considerations that make a stay over the top and memorable. Rob & Mar definitely know that and I’m grateful that I got to experience that. Happy travels to you, my dear!

  9. This looks gorgeous and such a unique place to stay! Wish I had known about it when I was in San Pedro. Although my accommodation was brilliant (I don’t think there’s a bad option on the whole island!) this seems so much more up my street.

    1. Hi, Rhiannon! I’m so glad that you’ve ventured to Belize. I think Belize is truly a hidden nugget that’s often overlooked! I think that Daydreamin’ stood out as very different and that’s why I ultimately chose this accommodation. Happy travels to you!

  10. Belize is a place of dreams and you got to do it luxuriously! So lucky.. i enjoyed your journey through your photos and words. More travel to you ❤️

    1. Hi, Kanika! Belize is absolutely fabulous. I never envisioned that I would be so spoiled there, but I definitely was! Thank you for sticking around to see all the adventures I had. Hope to see you when I embark on my next vacation! Safe travels to you!

  11. I totally get that a solo traveller would love to stay in adults-only accommodation. I would love staying in a place like the Daydreamin’ B&B if I got the chance to travel without my husband and son. Glad you found some peace and solitude there after days of trekking and adventure activities.

  12. Definitely you would go again. I would too! It looks gorgeous and so comfortable and more importantly, you say that the hosts were gems. People make all the difference to be honest. If I am here ever, will look this one up for sure.

  13. Definitely looks like an amazing haven to just relax and unwind outside of the city centre of San Pedro! I’d love to just chill there and get rejuvenated before heading out for another adventure in Belize.

    1. Hi Nathan! I definitely had a blast and felt so rejuvenated! I had been trekking through the jungle on the days leading up to the this, so it was a definite sigh of relief to have such relaxation and to be so pampered!

    1. Hi Angela! I think it’s worth it for that precise reason. The establish went above and beyond and really made my time in Central America magical and rejuvenating. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi, Valerie! I think it got the best night sleep in this bed. The thread count was amazing and the mattress was so plush. Definitely didn’t wish to be in my own bed that night! Cozy and luxurious all in one!

    1. Hi, Aarti! It was so relaxing. And, yes, Rob & Mar specifically ask at check-in if you have any dietary restrictions. All the food is homemade so if you mentioned you were vegan they would definitely be accommodating for that.

  14. When I travel solo, I am guilt of enjoying the luxury places 🙂 Daydeamin seems just like the place I would love to stay, the room interiors, and the private cabana are a sure shot hit for me to try. Wonderful recommendation!

    1. Hi Shivani! I will no longer avoid luxury anymore because staying and Daydreamin’ was life changing! The private cabanas were perfect and I would go back in a heartbeat to spend another few nights there. Thanks for reading!

  15. This is one BnB, where I would love to check in with my travel partner. The first picture, is enough to catch the attention, and make me take a trip around the world, to experience not only the beauty of the place, but also the hospitality of Rob and Mar.

  16. Wow this looks like exactly my kind of place! I always prefer to stay at B&B’s when I travel as they tend to offer a more authentic, local experience and also because there’s always a guarantee of a great, satisfying, local breakfast to start the day off just right!

    1. Hi Aisha! I definitely agree. I love staying in local accommodations because they give you an authentic feel for the country and an inside glimpse of how locals really live. Thanks for reading!

  17. This looks like a really cute place. I like that the cabanas are set around the pool and that you get to eat breakfast on your own deck. Plus it is always a bonus having the sea close by

  18. Daydreamin sounds like an amazing place and Rob and Mar seems like incredible hosts. I really like the indulgent manner in which you described the place. Your fondness for the place is palpable from the description.

  19. I really enjoyed reading this. This B&B sounds both amazing and incredibly relaxing. You described it so well leaving me wanting to book my stay there asap! I also love that you showed it’s not just for couples. Adult only just means to kids around in my mind – never couples only. Overall, great article. On to read another one 😉

    1. Hi Allison! Thank you for all the kind words, I really appreciate that! And, yes, it’s silly of me to assume that “adult-only” meant couples retreat, but I’m glad that I’ve been corrected. It was a fabulous vacation spot and I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you for reading!

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