Review: Iceland’s outdoor oasis the Hrísmóar Cabin

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After being awake for 36 hours, I was in desperate need of an oasis on my Iceland road trip. I had embarked from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and arrived in the “frozen tundra” of Iceland. 

Except, it wasn’t a frozen tundra. Everything in Iceland was hues of burnt orange and shades of sage and evergreen. I was enamored by all the vivid sights that I whiz past as I zoomed north from Keflavik airport. 

Route 1, commonly known as the Ring Road, weaves in and out of fjords and skirts around the edge of a small mountain range. Though the drive was beautiful, I was utterly exhausted and was ready to rest my head after taking in all the wonders of Iceland’s southwestern coast. 

The Hrísmóar Cabin delivered exquisite comfort and relief from my tiring journey.

The drive to Reykholt 

On my first day in Iceland, I didn’t venture into many towns or villages. In fact, Reykholt was the first rural area that I ventured into. I stumbled upon the city an hour before sunset.

The town is not much more than a church, hotel, concrete coffee shop and a few houses. It’s a quaint town that’s a Godsent to travelers because it has free wifi. 

If you’re staying at the Hrísmóar Cabin, Reykholt is quick jaunt over where you can update all your social media accounts before leaving for your next destination. 

The property itself

The cabin is nestled amongst a small cluster of cabins. When I got to the cabin, the sun was setting. I ventured the surrounding area where horses grazed in pastures and waterfalls were the backdrop to their grazing shadows.

And, as fate would have, after sunset, the snow started to fall. As I unloaded my bags from my car, the little white flakes blurred my vision and I worried if I would stay warm in the small secluded cabin. 

My fears immediately subsided as I opened the door and was welcomed with a heat wave.

The cabin I rented was a single bedroom, studio style cabin. The bedroom looked onto the small dining area and kitchen. Around the corner was the bathroom fully equipped with a shower and a warming, towel rack.

The cabin was decorated sparsely, but eloquently to reflect the secluded yet cozy style of the home.

The best feature of the cabin was the modern windows that allowed you to view the surrounding area for miles. 

The cabin was surrounded by walls of glass windows that looked out onto the pasture filled with little knolls. In the dark, the other cabins’ small square windows were illuminated in orange hues. The cabin also had a beautiful wooden deck that housed a hot tub.

A cabin for relaxation 

I excitedly took a dip, hoping to see the Northern Lights.For me, it was too cloudy with the cumulus clouds overhead being the factory for producing snowflakes that surrounded me and nestled into the curls of my hair.

On any other evening, the Northern Lights would illuminate the skies above me and would have displayed a fantastic show.

After my dip in the hot tub, I spent the rest of the evening cozied up in bed as I journaled about my adventures my first day in Iceland. Within minutes I drifted off to a peaceful slumber only to wake up to the dimly light skies flooding my cabin with morning light.

In the cabin, you’ll be off the map. Though there are a handful of other cabins surrounding you, there’s no connection to the outside world. Firstly, the cabin doesn’t have wifi, so contact with the outside world will be limited. Also, I was so relaxed that I didn’t even attempt to flip through the channels on the TV. Embrace the moment and unplug

Would I rent again?

Most definitely. The cabin is located close enough to Reykjavik that it would make for a great getaway to escape the city for a day. The drive to the cabin also makes the trip worth it. You’ll weave through the lower fjords and skim around the base of the Iceland mountains.

If you are booking a stay with Arnþór at Hrísmóar Cabin or at his other properties, you can receive $40 off your first stay by using my referral link.

This post is sponsored by the owners of the Hrísmóar Cabin.

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38 thoughts on “Review: Iceland’s outdoor oasis the Hrísmóar Cabin

  1. Ohhh the Hrismoar cabin is my kind of place where I would love to stay! So secluded and so cozy! I love the idea of having a dip in the hot tub without anything than the beautiful surrounding distracting you!

  2. Wow this is such a cozy cabin, looks like the perfect place to be in this beautiful Icelandic landscape.
    It also brings back so many nice memories from my Iceland trip and the fact that its so close to Reykjavik makes it even more interesting in my opinion. Especially the fact that almost everything there is made of wood makes it so nice, I imagine it just feel good and natural and makes you feel one with the breathtaking beauty of Iceland.

    1. Typically people end up staying in the Golden Circle and finding cabins in Selfoss and the surrounding areas. I loved that this cabin was secluded and offered visitors a place to relax. Definitely worth the drive!

  3. This is definitely a fitting cabin for cold Iceland! I don’t remember going to the area where the cabin’s located, but it sure looks remote and very quite, just how I like it! I also like the fact it’s off the map!

  4. This sounds like a great getaway from Reykjavik! Usually no wi-fi is a turn-off for me, but I think this place would be really nice to unplug for a few days! It sounds so relaxing to watch the snowfall against the beautiful backdrop of horses on a snowy landscape. Beautiful. Peaceful. Lovely.

  5. I like the fact that it is far out in the nature. And a loss of signal definitely appeals for a place like this where you just want to relax and unwind. A dip in that hot tub when looking out for the Northern lights would totally make my stay.

  6. The Hrísmoar Cabin looks like the perfect place to stay in Iceland. I stayed in Reykjavik but wished I had stayed outside the city for exactly the reason you mentioned, the Northern Lights! It’s good to know that it has heating as this would concern me. A clear night out in this cabin would be a dream for me!

  7. What a gorgeous place to come back to after 36 hours of being awake! I love how it’s located not too far from the city centre, but far away enough to give you peace and quiet. Not to mention it looks absolutely beautiful. Those windows are perfection!

  8. You needed nothing less than a cabin in Iceland. I like the idea of ‘cabin’ and how it sounds. The Hrísmoar Cabin is sure the perfect escape from the cold. And I think I’m beginning to dig in the idea of unplugging.

  9. Whoa! This place is just spectacular! Being close to Reykjavik, but away from the touristy crowd is a great idea! Too bad it was too cloudy to see northern lights. Hope I’ll make it to Iceland next year.

  10. Ah the Hrismoar Cabin in Iceland seems like such a lovely and cosy place and being not to far away from Reykjavik away from the crowds sounds ideal. I love the view of the snow capped mountains and the horses. It has been years since I was in Iceland but I have always wanted to go back. I will definitely taking a look at this place next time I am there.

  11. The Hrísmóar Cabin is the perfect solution for people like me who love solitude in places like this. Iceland and it stunning landscapes can be well enjoyed from this little rented cottage. It looks cozy and moreover I loved the location a lot.

  12. Staying in The Hrísmóar Cabin is definitely a great choice to enjoy the beauty of Icelandic outdoor. It looks so cozy with a homie feeling. I visited Iceland this year but I stayed at my friend place and in a car. I would love to stay here when I go back!

  13. Cabins like this make me squeal with delight! This looks absolutely gorgeous – I love the timber design and interiors. It looks super cosy! And what a view as well – I just visited Iceland for the first time in October and had the best time. I love the idea of going off the map as well – I think it would be great little writer’s retreat with no wifi to distract you! This reminds me of a similar Finnish cabin I stayed in at Lapland – I never wanted to leave!

  14. “…Godsent to travelers because it has free wifi” This made me chuckle.

    Your photos are stunning. The cabin looks so cozy and I like how it’s surrounded by vast, barren land – coming from a big city like Toronto, I would love to getaway to a place like this. And Iceland is on top of my travel list!

    1. The view from my cottage looked very barren, but if you drove a mile down the road you were surrounded by waterfalls and wild horses. So serene! This is why I love Iceland, it’s unpredictable. Definitely book a trip soon!

  15. The cabin looks very pretty. We are planning a trip to Iceland in Feb / March and would surely check out this cabin for our stay. Thank you so much for the reccos

    1. Yes, this cabin would be the perfect spot to rent for Feb/March. Better start looking at accommodations soon because they’ll book quickly. I have a post devoted to all the places I stayed in Iceland if you need more details and recommendations. (Stay tuned by subscribing below!)

  16. The cabin is just my kind of place. Have been wanting to head out to Iceland, for quite some time now, and am glad I stumbled across this review. Definitely going to keep an eye out for this cozy little cottage.

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