Travel bucket list for 2017

Travel bucket list for 2017

Six months ago, to the day, I held a glass of champagne in my hand as I cheered as 2016 ended. That day signified a huge change in my life. 

Months earlier I had quit my job and decided to pursue a new way of life. I decided that I wanted to travel and become a full-time travel blogger. So on January 1, I was speeding full throttle towards my dream.

The number one to-do on my bucket list was to start a travel blog. The rest of the items on my wish list were countries and vacations I wanted to venture to in the upcoming year. Now, six months into the year, I’d like to reflect on my original bucket list and the progress I’ve made.

Original 2017 travel bucket list:

  1. Start a travel blog
  2. Travel to Puerto Rico
  3. Backpack in Europe
  4. Hike in the mountains
  5. Camp up north in Minnesota
  6. Get a passport and go international!
  7. Become a better writer (write with more feeling and emotion)
  8. Start cooking a variety of cultural cuisine
  9. Drink wine in Italy, France
  10. Do something a daredevil would do
  11. Spend the night on the beach
  12. Watch the sunrise and sunset in a foreign country
  13. Take a road trip
  14. Take one impromptu vacation
  15. Learn how to snorkel at a tropical island

How have I done? 

Out of my 15 bucket list items for the year, I’ve completed 8! I’m more than halfway done! This year I’ve: started a travel blog, traveled to Puerto Rico, hiked in the mountains, camped in Northern Minnesota, did something daring, watched the sunrise and sunset in a foreign country, taken a road trip and learned how to snorkel.

Reading that completed list is surreal. I can’t believe that I’ve done half of those things. Reflecting back, I grin remembering that I was that girl who jumped into the warm Carribean water in the middle of the night to swim in the Bioluminescent Bay, while others worried about whether sharks were lurking below. Not me. I was worried about missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Some of these items are still in the works, such as becoming a better writer. The journaling series on my blog is devoted specifically to this. These entries serve as inspiration for others and myself to continue living vibrant and adventurously. The stories entice me to pursue more radical and unique adventures.

I look back on the past six months, and I’m proud of the woman I have become. I’ve taken more risks and lived more daringly. It’s been an exhilarating start to this year. I’ve gotten engaged, begun to travel the world with my soulmate, and have grown into a more independent person.

In the upcoming six months, I’ll continue growing and traveling the world. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy some wine in Europe and spend the night on the beach soon!

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